2019 Service Updates

Updated hosting platform

All websites are built on our own cloud based servers backed by industry leaders like Google Cloud, AWS, and Vultr. As hosting can be managed by us in this way, we are able to extend other important services with every website build including fast technical support, routine updates, reliable daily backups, and state of the art security.

Your hosting rate is based on the projected size and volume of traffic your website will have, as more traffic requires more power. All projects are fully scalable as well, meaning you can request more resources like CPU or Memory, or just have a dedicated server that isn’t shared with anyone else.

New improved email handling system

Emails can be a finicky aspect of owning a website. They can be hard to set up initially, not always be delivered or marked as spam, and of course always run the risk of getting full too quickly. One of the ways we are avoiding this problem moving into the future is by using dedicated email hosting. Much like a website should have a good host, one should also consider the same for email accounts.

As with any performance related services, this means that it will no longer be free. However, the benefits are clear: more inbox space, better security, improved deliverability, and a superior user experience overall.

The result of this means that you will need to do one of the following:

  1. Start paying for a service if the email address is to be kept at your domain (e.g. [email protected])
  2. Use a provider like Gmail, Outlook.com, and so on for free. If option 2 is selected, all email addresses on your website should be updated to reflect this change.

As I use the current free server for a large number of sites, I will be offering an email migration service to a dedicated email platform of your choosing. This generally takes about 30 minutes per account. I am happy to handle the technical components for you, but a plan should be purchased on your end first before I begin. The process typically takes up to 48 hours. The services recommended are Microsoft Exchange, Gmail Apps, or Rackspace (the cheaper of these).

More information can be found here, as well as pros and cons, rates, etc: https://au.pcmag.com/cloud-services-1/53000/the-best-hosted-email-providers

If you decide to purchase a subscription on your own, just let me know along with providing the account details, and I can begin the migration of all your current emails, structure, and of course make the necessary changes to DNS to prevent any interruption of service. If you are unsure of where to start, just let me know and we can discuss it over the phone.

If you want us to set this up for you, we have a partnership with Rackspace that offers $25 per account / year, which is a highly competitive rate.

Exciting new theme updates

All new websites are built in a modular fashion, meaning that the components are easy to edit individually and aren’t cobbled together just to work once. Components and templates can be re-used if you have a moderate understanding of the WordPress CMS. If not, we offer optional training to help familiarise you with the tools used to build your site.

Although some coding is involved on our end at the start, we keep you in mind at the end. If you requested that your project be hand crafted or has heavy integration features, it may be harder to edit as a result. If this is the case, we will usually suggest an onboarding training session when the site goes live to make sure you have a handle on it.

Popular Visual Editing Tools

  • Elementor (recommended)
  • Beaver Builder
  • Divi Builder
  • Thrive Architect
  • Visual Composer
Pricing model updates
  • Pricing model has been updated to more accurately reflect hours and cost spent on a particular project. This will primarily affect new web builds, not existing ones. A major change is the nominal rate for existing clients at $60 per hour, or $30 at 1/2 hour. This will also include correspondence and technical advice.
  • Per hour services and consultations will now be billed twice a month and tracked for improved accuracy. A minimum of 30 minutes are billable per fortnite if a task is underway. For example, if you had a 10 minute task on the 1st of the month and a 5 minute task on the 13th, it would be billed at 30 minutes. So if possible, try to outline multiple items to be completed in one go, so it maximises the time spent on any updates.
  • Hosting fees now have the option to be paid monthly after the first year. Most plans will start at $25 / mo, which is still well below market cost. This will lower the cost at one time, so rather than paying $220 upfront, clients can pay over time with better flexibility. Yearly options feature a 20% discount, so are more preferable when possible.

More information can be found on our Pricing & Features page.

Our new referral plan

If you refer a friend or colleague that commits to a project with us, you will receive a $100 credit to your account to redeem on any service.

If you have any questions not covered above, please get in touch with me here.