Current Workload

As of February 2019

75% Busy, but able to take new work as needed

Status: We are currently working on a normal volume of websites and can take on new projects with adequate notice (at least one month ahead of your desired due date).

For any urgent requests, please send your requirements via email. I will respond within 2-3 days or sooner.

We constantly strive to deliver excellent work in a timely manner, limiting the total number of projects that we take on at one time. Quality is always number one, so please contact us first before submitting a design brief, on the chance that we may be able to save you some time or schedule a consultation at a later date. Questions are always welcome, so ask away!

Please keep in mind that there may be a modest delay of 1-3 business days before we can get back to you with an in depth response. You should always receive a confirmation email indicating that we have received your email.