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Looking for a reliable & affordable web designer to take your business online? Let's figure out the best way to improve your online presence without breaking the bank. I aim to make the entire process transparent, easy to understand, and most importantly, tailored to suit your needs.





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Comparing Costs to Build a Website

Creative Agency
  • High introductory cost
  • Slow build time
  • Potential hidden costs
  • Pricey support
  • Geared for big business
  • Easy to collaborate with
  • Variable coding required
Build Your Own (2 yr)
  • Attractive initial cost
  • Many, many extra costs
  • Minimal support
  • Low performance
  • Generic design
  • Expensive long-term cost
  • No coding required, but restrictive
Ardstyle Web Design
  • Low introductory cost
  • No hidden costs
  • Hands-on support
  • High performance
  • Customised design
  • Cheap long-term costs
  • No coding required
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Get Started the Right Way

Whether it's designing your company logo, improving your existing website, or creating an entirely new face for your online presence - we can do it. Count on us to point you in the right direction & launch a successful website that reaches its audience.

Focus on Your Business

Our websites may be custom built, but they are very easy to use as well. We'll set you up with an editor that allows you to do everything in one place - no coding required, promise! It's also ready to upgrade and developer-friendly if you do need more advanced features down the track.

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Leave the Technical Stuff to Us

Whether it's designing your website to work across various screen sizes or making sure your page is fast and showing up in online searches, we've got you covered. Your site will be responsive, fast, & provide an optimal user experience for your customers.

Work With Another Small Business

As a Web Developer & Designer, my primary goal is to deliver an awesome website at a reasonable price, while closely adhering to your actual business goals. Nothing accomplishes this better than getting to know your needs face to face. Communication can be by phone, Skype conference, TeamViewer guidance, and heaps of other modern tools to really make sure we're on the same page.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is it Worth Having a Website?

In most situations, absolutely yes, it is worth having a website. But of course I would say that right? The best case I can make for having an online presence is simple: when building a website for a starting business, 90% of them make up for their cost within the first couple months of being active. That's without any marketing at all.

With a little extra marketing, you can easily multiple those earnings using PPC advertising. When done correctly, this means you only pay for actual traffic to your website. This is effectively guaranteed profit, so even if it only offsets costs, you are still growing your client base. At best, you're making more money and setting a limit to what you can afford.

How Much Does it Cost?

The cost of a website is based on a few factors: 1) how competitive your market is, 2) what type of functionality you need, and 3) how much content is being created.

Our average website build is anywhere between $800 - $1500, but this can sometimes be more or even less depending on what you need. E-commerce solutions are also possible within this range, given that your shop is does not need custom functionality that requires special development. We can guarantee that our price will be hard, if not downright impossible, to beat.

Why Are Your Rates Lower than the Competition?

You might be skeptical about getting a great website for a price well under the competition's, but there are a few solid reasons for this and it mainly has to do with how we actually operate.

At Ardstyle, we are very straightforward with the services we provide: we are creating your website & making sure it brings in profits. This means that we only take on jobs that we know will succeed, & we only include what is absolutely necessary to do that. There is no up-selling, no massive department salaries we need to pay, & no profit to be made of extras. We charge for the time spent on the build, fair & square, with a clear objective at the very beginning.

Web Design VS. Web Developer

What is the difference between the two? No doubt you've heard these terms before, and at times you might use them interchangeably. A web developer is someone who generally focuses squarely on the code to build a website.

A web designer comes up with the artistic parameters for the developer to convert into a working, functional web page. At Ardstyle, I combine the two terms into one, meaning I am comfortable with working on both sides of the equation. This also contributes to paying less for your site, since there is one less wage to pay.

Does Website Speed Matter?

Speed matters for a bunch of reasons, but three common ones are:

  1. User experience. Who wants to wait 5 - 10 seconds each time they move around your page? Studies show that after 2 seconds, the drop-off rate increases by 40-60% for each extra second wasted. Our websites usually load just over 1 second from anywhere in the world.
  2. "Page rank". Google cares about page speed and there is visible evidence that modern practices like responsive design and page speed can impact where you sit on results pages.
  3. Conversions. Although related to user experience, more people will actually follow through with a purchase or service when they are not forced to wait between requests.

Building a Website with Ardstyle

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Ready to build your website & establish your online presence? Great! When you have a few minutes to spare, feel free to complete our Website Design Brief below. No hassle, no charges. We'll be tell you straight up if we're the right people for the job.