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Christopher Ard
WordPress Developer & Designer

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I am a web designer that builds beautiful, modern websites on virtually any platform.

Although adaptable to many platforms, I specialise in WordPress specifically due to its versatility/popularity.

About Me

Thanks for taking the time to read my profile 🙂

My name is Chris. I’m a web developer with a love for design and efficiency. I have dedicated much of my career to fixing anything less than perfect, whether it’s a website’s design, coding, or even the project management surrounding it.

If it’s fixing an existing website or building a new one, I’m always happy to help and offer my technical expertise where possible and deliver consistent and reliable results.

My clients widely range from local businesses to international ones, including clients via freelancing services like Upwork and Airtasker. I always strive to create a comfortable and professional environment for all of my clients and value this deeply due to how critical it is for a project’s overall success.

Personal Background

I work on the Sunshine Coast in Australia & possess over 7 years of experience in graphics design, SEO analysis, marketing, sales, web coding / programming, and many additional emergent technologies.

My passion for all of this started when I was very young, around 7 years old with my first Compaq Presario computer. Born in Silicon Valley, the birthplace of the tech revolution, I could hardly escape the emergence of technology and its endless possibilities. That same passion has stayed with me over 20 years later, and followed me all the way to Australia, where I’ve struck an awesome balance between work and relaxation.

Technical Experience

I am based in Australia & possess over 7 years of industry experience in graphics design, SEO analysis, marketing, sales, web coding / programming, and many additional emergent technologies.

You can check out my profile on Team Treehouse (under the photo), which includes info about my activity in taking up-to-date technology courses that supplement my existing knowledge.

I have built over 60 websites using various frameworks and technologies. However, my primary focus in the last 2 years has been almost exclusive to WordPress. As such, developing custom functionalities, plugins, and advanced Child Themes have become something of an obsession of mine.

I am proficient in HTML5, CSS, PHP, JavaScript / JQuery, and have a good working knowledge of Bootstrap, React, & Angular. As a hosting account manager, I am also familiar with many CLI platforms, cPanel / WHM, some database management (SQL), and have a solid understanding of DNS. This allows me to have complete oversight of website launches from start to finish.

Web Design Objectives

My goal is to provide clients with a website that they love, while providing clear and precise communication along the way. The whole process should be exciting and manageable, which is ultimately a great predictor of whether or not the project will succeed. I focus first and foremost on the bottom line of a website, so this means finding a solution that best fits, not just a one size fits all or overload of fancy features that are liabilities down the track.

Being a part of the online community can be overwhelming as a business owner, so my role is to narrow down the endless options available into something that just works. As a small business owner myself, I take pride in each and every web build and want it to succeed regardless of budget. At the end of the day, you need to be happy with what I produce, so I make every effort to ensure that outcome.

Skills Overview

Reviews & Awards


  • HTML 5 / CSS / PHP / Javascript development
  • Compatible with Bootstrap 4
  • Strong knowledge of on-page SEO and best practices
  • Direct communication
  • Coming up with long-term & comprehensive robust solutions
  • Fast, efficient, & reliable
  • Adaptable to most budgets
  • Big agency experience
  • Agile Project Management


  • Beetroot / Vegemite
  • Require coffee to survive
  • Netflix

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