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I design, build, and manage websites that are reliable, speedy, and use the latest technology so you can get the most out of your business.

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"I am not a product of my circumstances. I am a product of my decisions."

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How It Works

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How It's Built Actually Matters

Everyone has access to website builders and nearly everyone can build a website that’s functional. The problem is, have they built it right? How is it affecting your rank on Google? What technical steps have been missed? Is poor coding affecting speed or a website’s future reliability? The list is endless.

That’s where I come in. Why not work with a professional web developer that specialises in this field and knows these things inside and out? Get the most out of your website without the doubt or the hassle.

Responsive Design Always

Almost everyone knows a website should be designed using a “mobile-first” approach. Google reminds us constantly with it’s cryptic warnings about tap targets and poor scores. Do many people do it? Nope.

Every site I build is with the explicit focus on your primary audience first (70-80% it’s mobile-first). Regardless, whether on desktop, tablet, or mobile, your website is in the hands of a web developer that is obsessed with optimisation for any screen size.

Security + Performance = Me

Security is something we hope to never have to worry about. Unfortunately, when it comes to an online presence, your website will be under constant 24/7 attack by both people and bots with nothing better to do. My geography skills have improved massively over the years due to how many hack attempts I’ve prevented from around the world.

That said, security is taken very seriously and I employ a number of critical defenses to keep websites safe such as multi-level firewall protection, IP obfuscation, CDN and server level proxies, and brute force DDOS protection.

Rest easy knowing you’ll likely never have to worry about getting hacked again.

Properly Connect Your Business

Easy-to-use CMS with managed security & updates

All of my websites are built using WordPress and designed with you in mind. This means that your website will be well-supported, highly secure, fast, and reliable, but also easy to edit and free of bugs. Included with your web build is the second part of our service, which is hands-on hosting and website management.

Need help or some quick updates? Just let me know and I’ll get done.

Our Services

What Do You Need?

Clean & Efficient Solutions For

Web Development

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I have over a decade of industry experience with most website technologies including HTML, CSS, PHP, Javascript, Bootstrap, multiple CMS's & more. If you need a site built properly, I'm your guy.

Website Hosting

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In addition to building websites, I can also provide a nice, state-of-the-art home for them as well. If you require premium web hosting, all based in Australia or the US (depending on your need), at a reasonable price, we've got you covered.

Full Management

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Most businesses just want their website up and running without the worry of handling the tech stuff. If you don't have the time to DIY, leave it to us to make sure the website we build stays up to date and working 24/7.

Website Audit

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Not sure where to start? Website audits are a cost effective way to diagnose what you need for your website. Do you even need a new site, what can be improved, how much would it cost to rebuild? All these items and more are covered in a 1-2 hour website audit.

Website Rebuild

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Website rebuilds are ideal if you've already got your design sorted and need the website freshened up to modern standards, both visually and functionally. These sites have faster turnaround and can really have an impact on SEO by brings your site up to spec.

Security Review

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About half of all my clients start with story about their previous website being hacked / compromised. Security is always important - don't wait until it becomes a problem. I can review and offer recommendations for any WordPress configuration.

Bigger requirements? If you need marketing, social, brand discovery, & more, consider an agency.

Dev Profile

About Me

I’m a web developer with a love for design and efficiency. I have dedicated much of my career to fixing anything less than perfect, whether it’s a website’s design, coding, or even the project management surrounding it. If it’s fixing an existing website or building a new one, I’m always happy to help and offer my technical expertise where possible and deliver consistent and reliable results.

My clients widely range from local businesses to international ones, digital & marketing agencies, and even occasional freelance work. 

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Christopher Ard
WordPress Developer / UX Designer / HTML5, CSS, PHP, JavaScript / JQuery

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Reliable & Long Lasting

Don’t waste days trying to get your website to work. I’ve worked with thousands of WordPress configurations and know what works best today, tomorrow, and for years to come.

Near Perfect Uptime

Speed, performance, and reliability are important, but wouldn’t matter much if your website is offline. Our servers often have 99.99 to 100.00% uptime each month, which is nearly impossible when compared to most hosting providers.

Top Tier Security

Our WordPress sites are extremely secure, using custom monitoring tools, cloud blacklisting, and real-time WAF to make sure your site stays clean and protected.

Unrivaled Performance

Our servers use industry leading 3GHz + multi core processors with NVMe Solid State Storage for maximum speed and responsiveness. Our sites are also backed by a CDN, making your website available instantly around the world.

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Get In Touch

Please Note: I am currently not directly taking on any new projects at this time. If you are a referral / family friend or just interested in networking or future opportunities, please get in touch with me below.

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