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Get Your Business Online

Do it the right way and get results at an affordable price.

When you’re running a business, especially when starting out, money can be tight. Managing your time can be even more difficult. When working on a website, we do everything we can to take the difficult components out of the equation. Whether you’re used to making changes on the fly or require a more structured approach with task management, it’s likely we have a solution for you.

A Website That Works For You

We craft responsive websites that are SEO friendly.

We make sure that every project we take on includes everything you’ll need to one up the competition. Over 90% of our projects improve drastically in organic ranking within the first 2-3 weeks of going live.

While we can’t predict the future and promise the #1 spot, we can guarantee that your organic rank will rise due to the solid framework we build upon. When we build a website, we build it the right way, using the latest recommendations from Google & top industry SEO experts.

How It Works

Website Design From A Technical Perspective

Flexible Website Strategies

All of our website projects are built with you in mind. If code is an issue, then we’ll provide a visual alternative. Want us to manage everything? We do that too.

Quick & Direct Communication

Talk directly to the person building your site. No more departments, different managers, support teams, or outsourced solutions. Your project manager is locally based in Australia & the one-stop solution for your project.

Ardstyle Web Coding And Technology 2

No More Guess Work

Do you kind of know how to design a website? A lot of people are sure, only to realise they’ve been missing a lot of important details. With Ardstyle, you’ll never have to worry about something being overlooked.

Coded the Right Way

Our websites are always built with technical considerations first. Mobile design is the future and we know it. Responsive design is not an extra – it’s the only way we build.

Reviews & Testimonials

What some of my clients are saying

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Rebuild Website, Fix WooCommerce, Faster Hosting

"It was fantastic working with Chris. He was always really quick to respond and get things done. Working with him was so easy. On top of what I requested, he also picked up a few other improvements to enhance the website and has made it so much easier to navigate and purchase my book. I am so delighted I have found Chris and would strongly recommend him. Will definitely be taking up his services again soon."



Website Rebuild

"Extremely patient and easy to deal with. Understood our requirements from the get go. Very professional and creative. Highly recommend.”



Build New Website, Branding, Logo Design

"...Went above and beyond requirements, super fast delivery not to mention the amazing and speedy communication. I feel lucky Chris responded to my post. I'd hire him anytime without a second thought. Just amazing!!. I look forward to working with Chris soon again.”


Happy Client

Website Rebuild & Performance Optimisation

"Chris was outstanding. Conveyed info clearly and easy to understand. He has brilliant knowledge and understood what I needed straight away. He was also happy to do added items that I wouldn’t think of or understand which provided excellent customer value. Highly recommend!!”



Build New Website, On Page SEO

“Chris did an excellent job interpreting what we wanted on our website from the information we provided him (both written and verbal). He was exceptionally quick completing the job and communicated with us every step of the way. Chris was flexible and able to fit in with our timelines and availability. We are very happy with the quality of Chris's work and the finished product and would recommend him to everyone.”

Meredith + Ali


SEO & Performance Optimisation

“Thank you Chris for helping me with my website. He not only updated it but redesigned it into a format that is much easier for me to use. I can highly recommend Chris to anyone.”



Troubleshooting WordPress

“Very prompt and skilled. Would definitely recommend and I will use again!”



On Page SEO, Website Audit, Web Hosting Improvement, Performance Optimisation

"Fantastic experience working with Chris. He is professional, knowledgeable, honest and hardworking. The qualities you need when you trust someone with your website. Just wish I had found him sooner! Will be hiring again."



Troubleshooting WordPress, Structural Redesign

"A true Website & WordPress Professional. Fast and reliable, a pleasure to deal with."



WooCommerce Configuration

“Easy to contact, easy to work with and the work was great quality. Would happily work with Chris again.”



WooCommerce Integration, Troubleshooting

“Chris is always great to work with. Professional, prompt and goes above and beyond. I'll keep going to him with any tasks I need help with.”


Happy Client

On Page SEO, Website Audit

"Great freelancer. Chris helped with improving my website SEO. I was provided with before and after reports and work was completed quickly to my budget. Great communication and a pleasure to work with."



Hosting Migration

“Chris was AMAZING! He was prompt with his service and communicated thoroughly. Nothing was too much to ask, I will definitely be working with him on future tasks."


Happy Client

SEO & Performance Optimisation

“Really efficient, Chris was able to complete the task in only hours and was clear with his communication throughout."



Build New Website, Hosting Migration, DNS

“Chris went above and beyond. Competed the task earlier than needed, without any mistakes and offered professional suggestions and ideas moving forward. Highly recommend!"


Happy Client

Our Technology

Websites That Work Everywhere

Server Speed And Maintenance 2

Reliable & Powerful Website Hosting That Delivers

Our websites are insanely fast and have an absurdly high up-time. We design and build our projects where your primary audience is located using cloud technology. Need web hosting in Australia, UK, or the United States? We’ve got your covered. It’s time to own a website that outperforms the cookie-cutter brands.

Global Audience Ardstyle

An Opportunity To Connect Your Business In A Digital World

Due to our scalable hosting solutions and Content Delivery Network (CDN) integration, websites we build can cater to any audience, anywhere. From the Sunshine Coast, where we are based, all the way to Los Angeles in the United States. So although your website is fast where you live or work, it will also be running at competitive speeds around the world.

Secure Laptop And Phone 2

Security & Protection from External Threats

You can rest assured that your website will be protected from hackers and bots. Our two-tiered firewall prevents almost any attacks, including Brute Force and DDOS (Denial of Service). We also have a small requirement for all our clients please – no weak passwords allowed!

Recent Projects

Working With Amazing Businesses of All Sizes

Bump Logo
Ssi Website Logo
Tms Digital Displays 01
Rivershore Resort
Tempo Logo
Arthur Ave Logo
Remi Lane Logo

Why WordPress?

A common question I get before even starting a web build is “Why should I use WordPress?” There are many technical and functional reasons that I choose to primarily deploy websites using the  WordPress CMS, but to keep it simple, the main reason is that over 52% of the web is built using this platform.

There is something to be said about a platform that dominates the market space, and we know at the bare minimum that the following will be true: 1) WordPress will be around for a long time, 2) It is popular and heavily supported by the community, 3) It is so versatile and extendable that it can appeal to anyone, from web developers to everyday business owners that want a visual editing experience similar to Wix or Squarespace.

Slow Or Unresponsive Website?

If you’re noticing an unusually high bounce rate or conversion rate, chances are your website’s performance has something to do with it. Modern technology has also conditioned us to expect modern performance. So when your site is taking more than 5 seconds to load, it might be time to switch hosts or explore caching solutions that can get a little more out of your current setup.

Keen to try a new host and do it yourself? We suggest using a service like Cloudways for optimal performance and a cost-effective pricing model. Only pay for what you use!

Content Strategy Tips

Don’t just tell a story, BE the story. A primary component to getting more business involves analysing what actually interests your customers and seeing things from their point of view. It is much more effective to be the story your audience is interested in, rather than just telling them what you want them to know. Studying your competition’s keywords can also further complement this strategy, so you know what people are looking for and what actuall works.

Watch your conversions sky-rocket after you begin to write content FOR your audience rather than only what seems great to you.

SEO Optimisation

Don’t confuse SEO (Seach Engine Optimisation) with SEM or SERP. SEO simply has to do with what you or your web designer can do to ensure that your website is structured in an optimal way. This doesn’t have a recurring cost and has a long-term benefit.

SEM is Search Engine Marketing, which has to do with paid advertising through Google Ads, Facebook, etc. You pay for this often and it has the quickest results turnaround.

SERP, or Search Engine Results Pages, is the combined result of paid and organic rank that ultimately is where your page sits when someone looks for you online. It’s a bit of both from above.

Having Trouble With Styling?

CSS can be a very powerful and efficient tool when used correctly. However, if you are just copying it from somewhere else or applying it too generally, it can have unintended consequences. Trying to get that one button to be the right colour? Well make sure you only target that one button, not all buttons.

The general rule of thumb with CSS is simple: always be as specific as possible with each rule, even if that rule is meant to apply to multiple targets. For a specific style that only applies to one item, use ID’s or “#example”. For items that might repeat on your website, use classes with “.example”. Always apply your styles branching from that class or id, e.g. “#example button {}”. If you’re ever unsure of why your CSS isn’t working, try free tools like to check your work.

Don’t Repeat Yourself & Save Time

Don’t repeat yourself, or DRY programming, is a concept that doesn’t just apply to web developers and coders. The concept is simple and benefits anyone who uses it. The idea is straightforward enough, but you might be missing out on it if you find yourself manually rebuilding pages, or finding that editing your website takes hours for simple changes.

When possible, copy / duplicate layouts that are similar to your end goal. When using the same block of content, for example testimonials, use a global block instead of changing the content everywhere it appears. At Ardstyle, all of our websites include the ability to save time like this, so at the end of the day, you have more time to run your business and focus on the things that matter. If your website doesn’t have this capability or you find it takes way too long to update content, get in touch with me to see if we can configure your current setup to make it more efficient.

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Christopher Ard – WordPress Developer & Designer, Freelancer